IMA Ilapak’s Vegatronic 2000RJ is today’s most flexible intermittent machine. Excellent sanitary design, great accessibility, and a variety of pack styles including Doy-style pouches with or without reclosable zipper make this machine unique and ideal in a number of industries such as dairy, confectionery, snacks, bakery, IQF food, and many others.

IMA Ilapak Vegatronic 2000RJ VFFS vertical bagger packaging solution for doy shark bag

The IMA Ilapak Vegatronic 2000RJ can run a variety of pack styles (pillow, BB, Quattro, Flexcan, Easypack, Shark pouch)
and seal options (reclosable zipper, different hang-holes etc.) with the lowest cost of ownership and lowest cost per pack.  
Thanks to the easy access and monitoring to all machine components,
the packaging solution is able to handle thick films and guarantee tight seals for MAP applications.

• Maximum versatility
• High-efficiency intermittent VFFS machine
• Hygienic Open Frame design
• Extreme sealing pressure

Vegatronic 2000 RJ for snack cereals in doy pouch with zipper

Ima Ilapak Vegatronic 2000 RJ Vertical form fill seal bagger packaging machine with rotatable jaws for snack and cereals in doy pouch with zipper
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